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THE Black Bull Inn

9th june 2024 | DONCASTER

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  • About the event
    The Brunch & Cars at the Black Bull Inn is a coffee and car meet hosted by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. We bring together car enthusiasts from all around to showcase their vehicles and enjoy a morning of hot drinks and great breakfast food prepared by the brilliant chefs at Black Bull Inn. Our static meet is the perfect place for car enthusiasts to come together and appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of their beloved vehicles. Whether you're an owner of a supercar, classic car, sports car, or a modified ride, we welcome you to join us. Make sure follow us on social media for updates and news regarding this event, as we are working hard to grow and develop this into something truly special. This is our second event hosted at Black Bull Inn after the success of our very first meet. Hosted by Black Bull Inn | Black Bull Inn | Doncaster | Facebook Organised by UK Car Events | UK Car Events | Facebook Sponsored by Automotive Finesse | Automotive Finesse | Doncaster | Facebook If you have any questions feel free to contact us!
  • Where & when
    For the general public, the event starts at 10am, however if you are an approved display show car we ask for you to start arriving from 9:30am to help the flow of traffic and for ease of parking. Events ends at 3:00pm When arriving please make sure to have you display car pass or tickets to hand! Venue location; The Black Bull Inn High Levels Bank Hatfield Doncaster DN8 5SH Click here to view on google maps:
  • Tickets and Parking
    General Public Ticket Cost: £3 per person (Under 16s free of charge) Parking on grass field, right next to display car parking. Please book your tickets advance online, find the button above. (payable at the gate depending on space) Hard Display Car Parking Ticket Cost: Free access to event for approved cars. Parking right outside on hard concrete surface perfect for supercars, classics and highly modified cars. Due to limited space please register you car ASAP. (although display cars can turn up on the day we can not guarantee parking in the display parking zone and you will still have to pay the £3 per person entrance fee you have been warned.) What are display cars? Pre-registered Supercars, sportscars, restored or rare classics, highly modified cars and invited members. Grass Display Car Parking Ticket Cost: Free access to event for approved cars. Grass parking for those cars that don't quite meet our requirements for Hard Display Parking or for when Hard Display Car Parking is full. (although display cars can turn up on the day you will still have to pay the £3 per person entrance fee you have been warned.) What are display cars? Pre-registered Supercars, sportscars, restored or rare classics, highly modified cars and invited members. Public Parking Information Public Parking for this event will be on the grass field connected to display parking (see event plan below). The grass at The Black Bull Inn is normally well maintained and flat however we do ask that you keep your speed down and pay due care and attention just in case.
  • Display car information
    Why do I have a register my display car? Well, you are more than welcome to come down and display on the day, if there is space however you still still pay the £3 Per person entrance free. If there isn't you are more than welcome to park on the grass or find alternative parking, but we can not guarantee you a parking space in the display zone if you do not register your car in advance and are approved. We are using this system to help manage and control limited concrete parking spaces in the main zone. Because at our last event, it was a squeeze as we did not expect the amount of cool and rare cars that could not be parked on grass. I have a registered my display car now what? Once we have received your registration, we will check to make sure your make and model of car fits our criteria for display parking, if approved you will receive and email back with more information. We may also email you back for photos of your car if we need more information to decide. If not approved, feel free to email us back with why you think you should be, we are more than happy to revaluate the request. Can I register my display car? Anyone can make a request to register their cars for display car parking however this zone is typically reserved for supercars, sports cars, restored/rare classics, highly modified vehicles or personally invited cars that can not be parked on grass normally due to being low to the ground and of high value. If I register am I guaranteed parking? Yes and no, if you are approved, more information will be provided via email so please check that. However, to keep it short registered display cars can start arriving at 9:30am and up to 10:30am. If you miss this deadline, your space maybe given to someone else with a "displayable car" that arrives on the day. Unless you contact or notify us you are going to be late. If you lose your reserved parking due to missing the deadline, you are still more than welcome to attend we just can't guarantee you a parking space in the display zone. Got another question? If you have any questions regarding parking or the event please contact UK Car Events via our website or social media.
  • Clubs and Groups?
    If you own a car club or group and you wish to attend please contact UK Car Events beforehand so that we can park you altogether. If you don't we may have issues parking you altogether depending on numbers attending.
  • More information
    Please make sure to follow UK Car Events on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and updates regarding all our upcoming events. UK Car Events | Facebook UK CAR EVENTS (@ukcarevents) on Instagram If you have any questions about the event we have not covered please feel free to contact UK Car Events.
  • Rules
    Although this meet is generally quite relaxed, UK Car Events do have a few rules to help keep people safe at the events. - Keep the noise down - No over-revving - No reckless driving - No speeding - Don't show off - Respect everyone - Respect the venue - Pick up any litter or dog mess - Follow all staff and marshals request - No advertising your company or services without expressed permission from staff - Food and drink must be purchased on site Any problems during the event please bring it to the attention of our marshals they will know what to do or who to alert. The venue has CCTV recording non-stop and the police have been informed about the event (they could be watching) don't risk it.
Black Bull inn
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